your Squad with distinction

Your Family, Your Team, Your Beliefs,Protect Your Squad

Send/receive messages from your closest friends by creating or joining a squad.


  • Private conversation with your squad

    Send and receive ultra private messages from your closest friends by creating or joining a squad. Simple to use, just one click and your entire squad instantly receives your message.

  • Seriously, really truly private, not like the other services

    Messages are delivered quickly and are only displayed once. New messages replace old ones on the screen and all messages are deleted from the device and server, no copy is saved so your messages stay private between you and your squad members only.

  • Visual/Audio notification, with silent mode for black ops chats

    SquadChat has sound notifications so you know you have a new message without staring at your mobile device. It also has a silent mode for stealth delivery.

  • Member to member comm only mode

    You can also whisper messages if you only want a single member of your squad to receive the message.

  • Pick a custom unique squad name

    Make your squad name anything you like. Also set a codename you would like to be known as.

  • Stay in control

    Your squad commander has to approve all new members so only true squad members can join your squad. Squad commanders can remove members from the squad or disband the squad at anytime.

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Are you ready commander? Your Squad is waiting...

Search for "SquadChat" in the Google Play Store or Apple App Store on your mobile device.


Are you ready commander? Your squad is waiting...

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